Ericsson portable

One day my SO (at that time, she does not live here anymore, neither does this machine) brought to our home this ancient Ericsson portable computer. The exact model might be 4800-001, I'm not very sure about it since it only printed in very small font in the bottom of the machine. According to Rune's PC-Museum, the specs for this model are:

the machine closed

Size of a normal suitcase. A previous owner - a Finnish educational institute AFAIK, has labeled the machine as "Machine nro 1".

the machine open

The machine open. Note the standard power cord usually used in desktop computers, there is no battery and not even a place for one. Note also the oldskool location of CTRL where user of modern keyboard would except to find Caps-Lock.

keyboard removed

The machine itself is not an actual laptop, but you can remove the keyboard and keep on your lap. The connector (image) looks like a standard DIN-connector, I suppose you could plug any standard XT-keyboard in - but I don't have any.

floppy disk drive

Floppy disk drive (drive B) on the right side of the machine, like in an Amiga. Procomm makes very leet beep sounds, unfortunately I didn't manage to connect this machine to any *nix box with any terminal emulator, I suppose the serial port is broken or then I just don't know how to do it.

booting the machine

In every boot, the disk that happens to be in the externally accessible drive B is copied into the "Ergo disk" inside the machine. The picture is crappy because I had to shoot it without any flash but also I don't have a tripod mount for the camera. In real life, the image on the plasma screen is quite sharp and much better for your eyes than the blink-blink-blink CRT monitors of the era.

where the printer's supposed to be

Logically, I think this must be the slot where the printer should be if there was one. Now it is a great place to hide booze, drugs and weapons if you take the machine to the Assembly - I would have taken it with me in 2000 if I only had managed to use the machine as a terminal.


A better view on the screen.

I tried to start Hack (before Net people ruined it by making it too complicated) or Zork but both disks seemed to be dead. Lazy me, didn't make new ones even though there was a 5,25 drive on a Pentium II machine useable.